Melting works

Casting is a metal processing method which is used for preparation of different details. During the casting metal is melted in high temperature and poured into appropriate forms. Metal in the shape of the form is called casting. Raw materials for casting can be black and colored metals. The most widespread metal in production is pig iron which is molded in comparatively law temperature and is the most available.

Casting process is done in several phases:

• Preparation of casting and pivotal mixtures’
• Preparation of forms and axles
• Metal melting
• Melted metals pouring in the forms
• Removal of the metal spilled out of the form.
• Heat treatment of spilled out metal in case of importance

For the molding shop is used soil, sand quartz, clue for form and supplements: coal powder, sulphite liquor, etc. The choice of molding shop components depends on the casting walls’ thickness of and casting metals chemical structure.