«Buildmachmech» company is one of RA leading and traditional machine tool manufacturing enterprises. The company is specialized in constructional technological engines, in producing constructional machines and mechanisms. It produces metal processing and wood processing machine tools, semiautomatic and automatic lines, complex automatic productions, forge- and –pressing and molding engines.
«Buildmachmech» company offers wide range of different sort machine tools for constructional and stone processing works, mills.
• Concrete mixers
• Lines for preparation of concrete covering
• Machine tools for partition tiles and pumice blocks
• Bunkers for setting the concrete
• Machine tools for metallic reinforcement
• Double sawed stone cutting machines with computer management
• Stone cutting roped machine tools (mine)
• Stone edge cutting machine tools
• Stone polishing machine tools
• Mills(polimer, plastic, etc.)
• Mills(wheat, barley and other grain cultured plants)
Different machine tools’ orders are received according to clients projects.