Armenian travertine

Travertine is traditional stone type used in construction: it is notable by its little density and porous and that’s why its reprocessing is easy. Travertine product is light. It is easy polished and has smooth, shiny surface.

Travertine was used B.C. in ancient Greece and Rome. Romans used it in building different compartments, buildings, cathedrals, canals, basins, staircases, amphitheatres.

Armenia uses it as traditional stone type, but during the last decade it is considered to be the most new fashioned one. Travertine is used in Yerevan Cascade complex, “Sasna Tcrer, Tcovinar with Sanasar and Bagdasar” fountain monument, many new buildings. Travertine lining slabs, eaves, banisters, windowsills are wonderful details for constructional decoration.

«Buildmachmech» company realizes travertine reprocessing grinding and offers the following sorts:

• Travertine lining slabs
• Travertine lining blocks (grinded, polished)
• Travertine slabs
• Travertine slabs (grinded, polished)
• Travertine banisters, banister-columns
• Travertine eaves
• Windowsills
• Travertine other objects