Pyrolysis boilers

"STROMMASH" company offers pyrolysis boilers (furnaces).

3 most important features of this type of boilers:

  • Longer performance (charged once) than direct combustion boilers (12 hours and more)
  • Safe gas emissions,
  • High efficiency (85-89%).
  • Pyrolysis boilers consist of two parts: the upper section combusts wood substance by emitting pyrolysis gas, after which the gas mixes with the heated air. Using a built-in ceramic jet, the mixed mass goes to the lower section, which is both combustion chamber and ash-pit. The lower part is used for the combustion of gas and air mixture at 560’C, reheating it at 1100’C, as well as for the collection of wasted ash, the flue gases go through the combustion chamber into smoke tube heat exchanger, passing the heat to the heat carrier.

    In other phases, the performance of the boiler is similar to that of direct combustion boilers. One of the features of pyrolysis gas is that it easily reacts with active carbon, which results in the exhaust flue gases being combusted almost 100% and are, for the most part, a mixture of carbon dioxide (CO2) and water vapor, and their temperature does not exceed 140-150 ° C. Therefore, you won't have to install heat-resistant stainless steel chimney flues with metal thickness of 0.5 mm.

    The 4 phases of pyrolysis boiler

    PHASE ONE: Drying and de-gassing wood at a temperature of 450 C

    PHASE TWO: Combustion of the mixture of wood gas and secondary air at a temperature 560 C

    PHASE THREE: Burning up the flame and heat emission at a temperature of 1200'C

    PHASE FOUR: Fumes of a temperature of 160 C are emitted through the chimney flue

    Pyrolysis (gas-generator) boilers are much more economical than any multi-fuel boilers.

    The only trouble of pyrolysis boilers may be their high cost, which is two - three times higher than that of other boilers. However, it is worth it due to the high efficiency (85-89%) of the boiler.

    The pyrolysis boilers are designed for houses, industrial enterprises and small workshops, for greenhouses and other areas of 240m2.