Mechanichal works

During the metal processing its size and form is changed ,the parts are given this or that preferable form. Metal processing main variants are casting and mechanical processing. The latter is implemented with the help of metal processing machines in following methods:

Milling-the main movement conducts to cutter, but transferring movement conducts to processed detail

Turnery -the main circular movement conducts to the detail, but the transmission movement to the chisel

Drill- one can get openings, enlarge the diameter and change their shape. Drilling is the most effective way of processing the openings.

Polishing- the main movement does the tool[polishing area],the movement is always circular.

Pressure- this type of mechanical processing is implemented according to metals plasticity without breaking the materials totality under the influence of external forces

Shaping - during this process the metal is worked out with one blade tool which does regressive and progressive motions.

«Buildmachmech» company implements metal processing of all modern methods.