Engineering, manufacturing machine tools

Machine tool manufacture is one of machine building’s outstanding branches . It creates production machine tools, automatic and semi –automatic lines for all the branches of national economy. Machine tool manufacture is formed in Armenia in 1944.

Since 1955-1960 different machine tool manufacture factories were built. company was one of them(1956) Number of polishing, horizontally boring, wide universal milling, radial drilling, special, semi- automatic machine tool production. Among the countries of the former USSR Armenia was the fifth with its machine tool production.

Armenian machine tools were famous in former USSR. They are still in use in the former Soviet countries and abroad. In Leipzig, Plovdiv, Budapest, Montreal and other exhibitions it has got medals and diplomas. Nowadays machine tools labeled are exported to over 40 countries.

«Buildmachmech» company is experienced in construction, stone processing and other machine tools and offers;

• Concrete mixers
• Lines for preparation of concrete covering
• Machine tools for partition tiles and pumice blocks
• Bunkers for setting the concrete
• Machine tools for metallic reinforcement
• Double sawed stone cutting machines with computer management
• Stone cutting roped machine tools (mine)
 Stone edge cutting machine tools
• Stone polishing machine tools
 Mills(polymeric, plastic, etc.)
• Mills (wheat, barley and other grain cultured plants)

The company receives individual orders for machine tools’ preparation.